Education and testing at FRC


The Findlay Radio Club has a large cache of VE's (Volunteer Examaners) that perform new lisence and lisence upgrade testing on the second Saturday of the month at 9:00AM sharp. You should arrive a few minutes early and be prepared to test. There is a test administration fee of $15, but you may take as many of the tests in one sitting for that single fee providing you pass each preceding test. A number of people have passed two, or even all three tests in one sitting and you are encouraged to take as many tests as you are prepared for. If you fail any of the tests, you must wait for another testing session here or elswhere to re-take the test.


Further Education:

The Findlay Radio Club holds special classes in many aspects of amateur radio - from classes to prepare you for license testing to electronics and other topics of interest. Please check with our education director for current details on up and coming classes.

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