Annual Statewide Simulated Emergency Test

On October 1, ARES members in Hancock County will be conducting a Simulated Emergency Test beginning around 8:30am local time. This is in cooperation with the Ohio ARES SET. The Statewide scenario this year is "The End Of The World As We Know It" or "TEOTWAKI". To simulate an actual emergency, there will be more specific details coming as the drill develops. Radio Amateurs in Hancock County are asked to begin monitoring our 2m repeater on 147.150 and more information will be dispensed as the scenario is under way. Participants are STRONGLY encouraged to use alternative power sources separate from the power grid to run their stations. 

From Ohio SEC Stan Broadway:

"OHIO SET – “Not your gramma’s SET!”   The Ohio SET will be held on the national date of OCTOBER 1 – and our team is planning “the Big One” to be a true test of our capabilities!  Here’s the deal: last year we handled a long-term power outage, and considered some of the radio-related issues that would present. This year, we’re moving way past that to TEOTWAWKI – “The end of the world as we know it”.  Consider what would happen in society with a total breakdown, caused by any of several reasons. Food, water, all the necessities would become targets and behavior would presumably take a really bad turn.  It will be up to us, as a remaining communications link, to pass important messages back and forth with other counties and the Sarge, to share what would surely become a much-desired commodity- information."

Please direct all Inquiries regarding the SET to Hancock County Emergency Coordinator Evan K. Hartman, W8KJR w8kjr[AT]yahoo[DOT]com

Susan Komen Race For The Cure

The annual Findlay Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure was held on Saturday and all went smoothly. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved from the volunteers that make the entire event happen, to our excellent showing of radio amateurs that support the race with communication/logistics. Above all, we also would like to thank all of the hard working volunteers that make this event possible as well as all of the participants in the race, for without which, there would be no race.

Thank you again Findlay area hams for stepping up to the plate and volunteering to support such a worthy cause. We hope to see you all next year.

Seventy-Fourth Annual FRC Hamfest In The Books

This year's seventy-fourth Annual Findlay Radio Club Hamfest is is now just a memory. We had a beautiful day this year and it showed in attendance and vendor participation alike.

On behalf of the Findlay Radio Club we would like to thank this year's Chairman, AA8KJ Dave for all of his hard work and dedication to help makes this one of the most successful events in recent memory. Additionally, we would like to thank the entire membership of the Findlay Radio Club for their hard work and dedication to the event, without which we could no longer hold a Hamfest.

Finally, and most importantly we would like to recognize and thank all of the attendees, be they shoppers or vendors, as you are the one critical element without which we would be forced to terminate the annual Hamfest that now is reaching its seventy-fifth anniversary year in 2017. So everyone in attendance, take a bow. We truly appreciate your support and participation to make our Hamfest one not to be missed each year.

If you have feedback for us on what we did right and what we could improve upon next year, please feel free to register on the forums and post your comments and feedback; that would be greatly appreciated as we look every year for new and better ways of sustaining the event for everyone involved. You can comment on the forums in this forum thread.

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